Film Festival

Mission Statement

Run deep is a call to plumb your inner depths with running, to explore the breadth and the depth of running. By testing your limits in running speed or endurance, by expanding your breadth of running terrain, we believe your can illuminate your inner recesses and know yourself more deeply by running.

We believe running is a fundamental, universal human need - just like breathing, eating, companionship, and the need for stories and art. When we meet our fundamental needs, we become healthy in body, mind, and spirit. As a culture, when we collectively follow the truth of our humanity and find positive outlets for the expression of human nature, our community is made stronger and the quality of life is enhanced for everyone. Across cultures and borders, running is a reminder of how we are all deeply akin, despite having different lifestyles and beliefs.

The Run Deep Film Festival mission is this: to promote running through a community event centered on inspirational, informative, and entertaining films about running. We aim to inspire runners to explore their inner depths and appreciate the gift of running, and to inspire able non-runners to begin the inquiry, the healing, the adventure: to go out and run.